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Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Rubber

With my ever growing interest in barefoot living and minimalist footwear, I have become a little obsessed with shoes.  Please don't be worried, although I have this new shoe affliction, which is generally thought of as a woman's problem, I assure you it is based around a solid and very manly idea of getting back to my hairybacked hunter caveman roots.  Thats right, nothing sus!  But lets get to the point, there are a lot of minimalist shoes on the market right now, but sadly a lot are still too close to the modern standard for running shoes wielding their technical terms and space age materials.  There are however, some that do come pretty close to a barefoot ideal and even a few I believe, really embrace that ideal and manage to look and feel good doing it.  I wont dwell on the failures, instead I will talk a bit on a few of ones I think have made my feet happy or at least look like they will.

We all know of the success of the Vibram Five Fingers, I wont go into detail on them right now but will say that I'm a fan.

Then there is the new Merrell Trail Gloves, I have to say, these feel sensational on and although I have not run in them or have a pair to review, I hope to shortly.  If you're after a review now, check the link and look at the customer feedback, pretty much speaks for itself.  The Trail Glove looks the goods if you run trail and want to go minimalist, they're comfortable, light weight, zero drop and well constructed to cope with the rigours of trail running. Easily my #1 choice for a shoe style minimalist runner.

Then as a casual option I stumbled upon these little beauties from Stem footwear.  I love the look and the feel for the shoe I get when browsing their website.  There may be other minimalist options out there for a casual shoe but this is the first I've found that really appeals.  That being said, I really love the Trail Gloves and wouldn't mind a second set of those just for cruisin!