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Sunday, July 03, 2011

One missed trail run, Two birthdays and a Third running partner

I was going to stay up late and read the new Trail Run Magazine, once they posted it, alas I had a trail run planned with a mate at sparrows fart and really needed the sleep.  So off to bed I trundled to dreams of trail and adventure, till sometime very early am, when my wife woke me from my slumber to the words I'd been waiting for for the last 9 and a bit months.....The baby's coming!

Shit!...No trail run, I'll have to call Ash............are you OK, do we need to go now?

Fast forward to 9:38am, my wife, in a sterling effort and more grit than an Ultra runner gave birth to our second son, happy, healthy and very loud!  DOB; 3rd July 2011, yep it seems as though my little runner shares the same birthday as the Trail Run Mag!  

My timing is spot on as it turns out, I was Numero Uno to pre-order the Hard Copy of the mag, so now the little man will have a keep sake to commemorate the shared birthday.  Lets hope they both have a very bright and lasting future.

Cheers to all at Trail Run Magazine and happy birthday!