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Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 Goals!

I ran out 2010 mostly barefoot thanks to Born to Run.  This year I would like to set some goals, nothing too dramatic but definitely something that will keep the heart rate ticking over and the legs moving.

My 2011 Gaols

  1. Stick with the Maffetone program and continue to build a solid aerobic base
  2. Run, train and maybe race injury free all year, whilst nearly or very barefoot 
  3. Enter and finish at least 1 Adventure race
  4. Enter and finish at least 1 organised Trail run or road run
  5. Destroy my last 10K time, it was quiet a bad time even for me
  6. Stay true to a healthy diet and remain focused

I have chosen these as goals to keep me in check and avoid over training while still having something to strive for.  I should be able to complete all these goals and continue to build a solid aerobic base at the same time.  The first and last aren't really goals but a way to keep me on the right track and injury free.  Barefoot and injury free speaks for itself, if you've read Born to Run.  I chose 3 because I have always had a fascination with Adventure racing and like the ideas of cross training to stay motivated.  4 because I love to compete and although I would only be racing my heart rate, competition events excite me.  Finally 5 because of the disappointment of my first and only attempt of the 10K.  I have no idea of what time I will be capable of this year (still trying to build my aerobic base) so a time anywhere between 50min and 40min would be acceptable, preferably closer to 40min. 

This all means I have to progress from my current power walking pace to actual running!!!  Lets hope 2011 is filled with quiet roads and long trails, best of luck to all.   Go bare and keep running.  

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