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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Progress...

I'm happy to say that some good initial progress has been made in the last month or so.  I'm running free and easy most runs and my HR is slowly settling enough to let me actually run for the most part.  Hills have still got me licked in the HR department though if I can continue to progress as I have I will be running hill soon too.  Looking at my run data I've dropped some 1.5 min/km, since my first MAF test.  OK still no blistering pace being made here but I have to admit the results show my initial fears of the program not working, were a little premature.  Needless to say I'm as happy as a foot out of a shoe.

I honestly think that this progress would not have been possible without the use of a HR monitor and altering my running form.  With the HR monitor now sussed I can focus on continuing to fine tune and develop my running form.  I've been reading a lot and getting a little confused with the amount of contradicting material out there on running.  Leading to limiting my exposure to bulk internet browsing and sticking to finishing one book at a time.  Well, two books at a time, I still have quite a bit of The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing to go and have already started ChiRunning.

I have finally got my hands on a pair of VFF TrekSport's and will write up a short review on them once I've put a few my K's on them.  Probably wont cover anything that hasn't already been covered in the million review already but hey, my turn!  ooo ooo ooo got Injinji socks too.

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