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Monday, March 28, 2011

Crows Nest Falls Trail

Here is a quick look at todays run @ Crows Nest Falls
This trail is only 30 odd minutes from my place
and the only barefoot friendly trail I have found so far.

Happy trails for happy feet

Most of the trail was smooth dirt with a smattering of leaves,
barefoot bliss.

The lads getting busy...

The main falls swimming hole, would've been great in the middle of summer!

I've seen these falls really pumping after good rain...

Overlooking the same creek further down stream...


Parts of the track were a pleasure to run on, so soft under foot.  Was a good run and I felt quite energised after, despite all the high HR rock climbing to take photo's.

There were a few stairs but not enough to train for the Six Foot Track...To be Cont...

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