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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is where I'm at

G'day, it's full on here at the moment with our baby due next week and I just found out I got a promotion at work. SWEEEET!

My running has been going pretty well lately with a near breakthrough mixed in with some crappy runs.  All in all though, I'm happy that I've stuck with Maffatone and feel that it's all slowly (very slowly) coming together.  I don't think I'm on course for my 2012 shot at TNF100 but will definitely be looking at some easier and shorter runs more local in the next 6mths, even if I have to make the course myself and just run it Nigel No Friends style.

Since focusing less on micromanaging ChiRunning form/focuses and "real time", on the run, Garmin stats, I've found running more enjoyable, that I'm getting better results and that the whole process is more like it was when I started, a stress reliever instead of a stress raiser!
Though things are going well just running easy now, I wonder if it's due to the time spent watching stats and micromanaging form that I'm able to do so.  I have spent a great deal of time on things like form, cadence and concentrating on holding back the RAGE (the need to run faster) so that I can now run easy without sliding back into old habits.

As far as my Heart Rate goes, I have found that my Resting HR and, for lack of a better term my Running HR, have been indicators of progression as well as sickness.  A well known fact maybe but what I didn't know, was how hard it would be to recognise these indications.  I only ever picked up the cause of my HR changes after I got sick and/or studied the results of my runs statistically.  So realistically I'd have to check resting and running HR stats daily to be of any use in diagnosing sickness or predicting progress...Maybe.  I will keep watching in any case and as I get to know my body better, maybe then HR info will become more useful.

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