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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coming along...

I have been for a couple of runs this last week.  I have been trying to keep my heart rate below 148bpm as a half arsed attempt to follow what I know of the Maffetone Method.  I have not read the book yet so just going off what little I've read on the internet.  Bloody hard to keep my HR that low and find myself walking a lot up hill.  Definitely looking at getting a HR monitor, soon.  All seems to be going pretty well though.

My first run turned out to be a bit over 9km, shoed for most of it but barefoot for about 2-3km, so probably over did it a bit.  Pulled up a little sore mostly muscular, but definitely could tell I had run barefoot.  Actually easier on the road than in the grass, didn't have to worry about those pesky prickles.

Second run was a little shorter probably around the 5-6km mark, with about 2-3km again barefoot.  Pulled up a little better this time, still a bit sore, again mostly muscular and general foot pain.  I'm sure thats normal....right?

Today was my third run, 2km pretty easy going, took about 13 and a half min.  Didn't check HR this time, too lazy.  HR definitely got over the 148bpm max but it felt so good.  Stood on a bloody small rock that bruised the bottom of my foot.  I'm sure it won't be the last one I stand on, just like I'm not sure if I will ever have feet hard enough to stop it happening again.  It was only a little rock but shit, that little blighter really bruised me good.  Iced my foot after the run to try and speed up recovery.  Already a little stiff and sore, probably accumulative soreness as I have done next to no running for quite some time.  My second toe in on both feet is sore too on just the pad though.  They are the last to leave the road along with my big toe I guess, so no wonder they hurt a little.


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